Job Description:

As a Marketing Executive for StudyCloud, you’ll drive end-to-end marketing operations to ensure a seamless coordination between the marketing and sales team.

About the Role & Skills Required:

  • You’ll organise marketing activities for lead planning, lead procurement, and lead utilization across the different channels – schools, apartments, corporates, popular catchment areas (mall, amusement parks).
  • You'll understand the business needs of the company to plan and execute scalable marketing activities in the specified city.
  • Keen interest in evaluating product/market situations, analysing data, and transforming it into actionable marketing strategies.

Why join StudyCloud?

  • Study Cloud aspires to go beyond academics leading to a child’s holistic development. We aim to ensure that each student is achieving the maximum through the high-quality content contributed by teachers globally.
  • As the business grows, you grow: We want StudyCloud to be built from within. We look at you as someone with the potential to become the future leader in the Marketing team. 
  • Perks and bonuses: We appreciate your effort by providing exciting perks and bonuses tailored specifically for Marketing.