How to Become an Airline Pilot

 Airline Pilot: Step-by-Step Career Guide, Requirement, Eligibility & Cost.


Imagine you are a pilot and have to fly the biggest passenger plane consisting of more than 300 people. Isn't it amazing? But at the same time, there is a threat of colliding with some objects. But still, it is considered as one of the most earning jobs. There are three types of pilots Commercial Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot, and Air Force Pilot.


You need to complete the 12th standard in a 10+2 system of education if you belong to the stream of Science with securing a minimum of 50% in Maths and Physics. If you do not belong to the science stream then you can study these subjects by enrolling in a course conducted by NIOS (National Institute of Open Sciences). The applicant should hold a Bachelor's Degree in either aircraft operations or aviation or aeronautical engineering or a related field. Also, you need to complete up to two months of ground training and as well as an experience of more than 1,500 hours of flying. 


Flying planes is not an easy task so you need to be mature and responsible enough to handle worst situations also. Looking at this concern and various reports and experiments held by various organizations it has been stated that an applicant applying for Pilot License should be at least 16 years for Student Pilot License(SPL), 17 years for Private Pilot License(PPL) and 18 years old for a Commercial Pilot License(CPL). He/she also has to pass two medical tests. Also, there is a certain age for flying planes which means a pilot can fly the plane till the age of 65 years old considering his/her health. 


Being a pilot is considered to be one of the wealthy jobs. But for being a pilot it is considered that you are born in a wealthy family. Being a pilot is a tough job, as you need to clear all the exams in one go to get a job in a great company. You also need a lot of money. It is estimated that you have to pay around Rs 40-50 lakhs to become a pilot. 


Once you got the Commercial Pilot License(CPL) of a particular country then you can fly in that country. A yearly income of a fresher domestic pilot is around Rs 18 lakhs and a yearly income of a fresher international pilot is around Rs 30 lakhs. They also have benefits like health insurance, hotel stays, car pick up and many more by the company they are flying with.

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