Expo 2020 Dubai | The Greatest Show on Earth.


Humans have a mindful of questions. What happened in the past? Or what will happen in the mere future? These questions make them curious and give them the encouragement of discovering or inventing it. Showcasing such theories on a worldwide network is great but it is a tough task so to make it easy and accessible to everyone for a long period Dubai has taken it to another level as they have arranged a six month long and the world's largest show and has been named as Expo 2020. This show can make you change your way to look at the world.

Things to experience 

Expo 2020 is a place where you can experience various ideas of the future. Streams like technology, creativity, entertainment, and many others have their interest spending in this long spectacle. 

1. Technology - Technology has taken us through the Earth's gravitational extent as well as taken us through the beneath Earth's permissible limit. So Expo 2020 exhibits technology that can help us built vehicles for space travel and also for exploring the world beneath the world us. The technology that can generate electricity and water at home is an idea never thought of. 3D printing, a device for the next generation. 

2. Creativity - Every person builds up its creativity to any given thing. So looking to this concern Expo 2020 has provided a chance to show the creativity of some genius minds. They are going to showcase the 360-degree projection surface in this event. Canvas and jaw-dropping are some of the must look sections through the event. As you know Dubai has always appreciated architecture and especially in terms of bildings so it will also be an engaging point. 

3. Entertainment - Entertainment is a very essential part of human life. So there has been an arrangement hold by Expo 2020, a whole different section for entertainment stuff which contains 60 live shows every day allowing almost all cultures of the world to show their talent and entertain people. They have everything to entertain you from Opera, A-listers singers, and pop up theatres, flash mobs, sports events and many more. As you experienced any activity by oneself, there will be plenty of workshops and activities that will be carried out by you.

These activities and experiences can inspire various minds. 


The Expo 2020 brings many of your curiosities to an end but while experiencing such things you expect a sophisticated service. So here they are with such service as they have over 200 restaurants inside the Expo 2020. It also has free workshops for business development and many more. They will provide services like various packages, air-conditioned sitting area and many more. The packages start at AED160 for a day. The exhibition doesn't last for more than a month but this event is for 173 days.



This event is going to be the largest and long-lasting event in the world. Experiencing such events can make you go love the topics you don't like. So, get your family to it, enjoy it and make it your best and memorable vacation.


1. What is the purpose of Dubai Expo 2020?

Expo Live is an innovation and partnership programme launched by expo 2020 Dubai to fund, accelerate and promote inventive solutions that improve lives whereas conserving the world.​​​​​​​

2. What is the purpose of an Expo?

Participating in an expo permits countries to make a fleeting miniature world, a model of global progress and dialogue. Expos give a unique and international stage to engage|to have interaction} in cultural diplomacy and interact with the host country, other participants, potential tourists, trade partners and investors.

3. What is the benefit of Expo 2020?

In short, the colossal value that expo 2020 provides will support diversification and further enhance existing sectors within the UAE. Its positive impact will serve not only the domestic economy however also the wider region and will last for decades to come.

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