How to Write Informal Letter?


Letter writing is a skill that should be introduced in every person's mind. You should have a basic consciousness of letter writing that letter writing is of two types Formal and Informal letter. There has to be a piece of knowledge about which type of letter should be written to whom. If you are writing an informal letter then you must have some knowledge about it because whatever you are attempting you require a basic insight of it. Also, you require a bit practice to be perfect in it as it is said 'Practice makes a man perfect'.

Informal Letter

An informal letter is a letter writing process in which we communicate with our family, friends, relatives, and informal partners. Although it is an informal letter you need to look for your language as well as the format so that it looks lenient and informal. An informal letter should not have cuss words and it should be polite and generous. 


1.  Address  

It is the first thing to be written in a letter writing process. It is inscribed on the top left side of the sheet. The address must not use more than three lines. It comprises the address of the sender that means your address. it should always be precise because if it is a wrong one then the receiver may get confused when they like to reply to your letter. The address can only utilize three lines.

2. Date  

The date appears below the address. It helps the reader to keep a track of events happened on that day. The reader also has the reference of the events to remember depending upon the date.

3. Greetings  

The greeting is written on the left side after leaving a line after the date. The salutation uses the word 'Dear' with the name of the recipient or their relation like 'Dear Rohan' or 'Dear Uncle'.

4. Starting Paragraph  

It is inscribed after the salutations. Answers, in short, should be given in this paragraph. Greetings to the recipient's well being have to be provided in this paragraph. The tone of it should be informal unlike in a formal language. 

5. Body of the letter  

The body of the letter is an important point for any type of letter. You can express your feeling and emotion in an informal and polite tone. it is the place where you can write the content of your interest or reply to their earlier letter.

6. Conclusive Paragraph

As the name says, you can conclude your letter by some emotionally influence words or related to the content you wrote in the middle paragraph. As it is a concluding paragraph a nice goodbye can also help in ending your letter. It also comprises of regards to their well being.

7. Signature 

Signatures for an informal letter has to be lenient, unlike formal sign-offs. They should be like 'Best regards', 'Lots of love', 'Best wishes' and many more. 


Write a letter to your best friend asking if he will visit Adventure Island with you.

102, Neelkanth Valley,

Vidyavihar West,

Mumbai - 400086

Dear Rahul,

Hey Rahul. How are you and your parents? I received your letter last week. I am obliged to hear that you have secured your Degree in Chartered Accountants. It is such an impressive piece of work performed by you. Congratulations on achieving it. 

I heard that as you have completed your studies you are coming back to India for a long vacation. I would like to ask you if you can join me on a trip to the adventure island located near Belgaum in Karnataka. It is an island covered by a river. The island has the facility off a hotel. It is a 5 days package which includes travelling by train, luxurious accommodation, food, and various water rides. They provide the best quality AC rooms and good quality food. This package is priced at Rs10000. The trip is from 30th April to 4th May. You will surely like it as it will refresh your mind by going to a forest and living there for 5 days.

I hope that you get a positive reply. Let me know your reply as soon as possible so that I can book tickets for us and that we face no waiting. Give my regards to your parents. 

Best wishes,

Krish Shah


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