21st June: The last day of the World? | Mayan Calendar


What if we tell you that everyone is going to die in three days? You might be shocked by listening to it wondering how it is possible. Some might even refuse to this fact. However, refusing or ignoring a fact will never give you a solution. You have to digest the fact. Recently, we have been encountering various news about the end of the world. Here, I will tell you everything about the news in details. 

Mayan Calendar

You might have heard about the Mayan Calendar which predicted that the world is going to end in 2012 but fortunately it didn't. Apparently, the people who predicted this informed the world recently that the prediction was not wrong but the calculation was wrong. As the reports, we are currently living in 2012 as per the Julian Calendar operated before the Gregorian calendar (the recently operated calendar) and the predictions were predicted according to Julian Calendar. People stated that during the transition from Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar we lost a total of 8 years. This left various miscalculated events and prediction like this one. According to the earlier predictions, the world was supposed to be ended in December 2012 but according to the Julian Calendar, it is going to happen on 21st June 2020. 


Given below is the calculation of the prediction of days provided by the predictors and scholars of History. Shifting into Gregorian calendar we are losing 11 days every year. We have been using Gregorian Calendar since 1752 so considering that from 1752 to 2020 the gap is of 268 years and days left out are 2948 days. When you divide this figure with the number of days in a year the conclusion derived is 8 years. 

268 years x 11 days = 2948 days 

2948 days / 365 days = 8 years 


We are struggling with the Coronavirus currently and the rise of such a problem is not going to be accepted sportingly by people. But as it is said that 'You cannot change your destiny' we must go on with the flow. No one is entirely sure if this calamity is going to happen or not. So thinking about it is not a good idea. We must stay calm and positive rather being negative. 


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