Blogging for Beginners

If you want to start a blog, you're not alone, many people start blogs hoping to be able to earn money on the side, bring more feet into the door of their bricks and mortar business, or even replace their employment. Whatever your goals, there are some tried and true tips to create a successful blog.

Define Your Goals

It's important that you understand what your goals are for the blog. Some potential goals are to teach your clients, to get the word out about your services and / or products, or to create a niche blog that earns money through promotion of products. What are your goals? They should be written down and well defined. If you have a real goal to reach you'll be able to get there easier if you can name it.

You want to pick a well-defined niche. Narrow down the niche to a microcosms so that it's easier to choose the topics that you'll blog about. If your niche is much focused you'll also be able to create blog posts and articles better. You'll be able to be more focused on the type of content you create as well as be able to monetize it easier.

Once you get a good amount of content on your blog it's time to think about how you will monetize it. Stick to just a few products and don't overwhelm your viewers with too many advertisements. A nice mix of affiliate products and your own products usually works well. Ensure that each of your products are very focused on your niche.

Know Your Audience

It's very important that you know exactly who your audience is. You should be able to actually create a profile of an audience member. Who are they, what do they do for a job, how much money do they make, what do they like to do in their free time? You should be able to really understand what gets them going.

When you first start a blog, in whatever niche, it's important to keep adding content, and keep creating products for your niche. You need to put up at least 20 blog posts a month to get the most traffic. Some studies have shown a 97% increase in traffic when they put at least 20 blog posts up a month.

Don't Give Up

It's important that you realize that earning money through a blog is a long-term strategy. You need to be willing to be in it for the long game. You won't make money overnight, so if you have a day job, don't quit. But you can earn money blogging, or earn more money at your business through blogging. Just don't give up.


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