Will Olympics 2021 happen?


Even though as the coronavirus pandemic continues to be an alarming situation worldwide, the Olympic officials as well as Tokyo officials have been resolute that the game will be taking place as scheduled earlier. Olympics that were postponed by a year already will be taking place from the 23rd of July.

The foremost important question about “How will they keep the athletes safe during the games? “Has been answered by the Japanese Olympic organisers.

There are a set of rules that the athletes will have to follow at all costs during the gameplay and to take part in the games as well, a few of which are -

1 Athletes will not be able to stay in the Olympic village whilst the games.

2 They will be restricted from using public transportations as well as public places like restaurants, bars gardens etc.

3 Several negative corona tests will have to submitted before entering the game, boarding the planes and will have to take good care of their personal hygiene.

Will the athletes participating have a compulsion to get vaccinated? – The answer is No. There is no necessity as such mentioned for the compulsion of vaccines for the participants.

Will the athletes have to compete in  masks? – The answer is No. Participants will not be expected to put on their masks while training as well as performing during the game.

Will there be any spectators allowed?- As of now the officials have declared that only Japanese population would be allowed to watch the game live. And that only the 50% of the venue’s capacity would be used. But they also state that they could completely ban the spectators if the covid numbers keep on rising.                                                                                                                                                           



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