Asia's second richest man

Gautam Adani is an Indian billionaire Entrepreneur and industrialist who is the founder of the Ahmedabad-based multinational company called “Adani Group”. The company is involved in port development and operations in India. Amidst the pandemic and collapsing businesses across the world , Gautum Adani has been declared as Asia’s second richest man. While the coronavirus pandemic has demolished many businesses since last year, the Adani Group has bloomed.

History -Adani was born and nourished in Ahmedabad in an exceedingly Gujrati ¬Jain family and was one amongst the eight siblings. Mr. Gautum Adani conceded his capabilities beyond the education system and so  he dropped out of school . To try his luck and fate, he fled to Mumbai “ the town of dreams. In the 1980s he worked in one among the diamond industries within the city and later succeeded to line up his own diamond brokerage. fate had other, perhaps better things in store for him. In 1988, Gautam founded Adani Exports Limited, the holding company of the Adani Group. Today, Adani Export is known as Adani Enterprises Limited – Originally, the Adani Export dealt in power and agricultural commodities.

Adani Enterprise - Adani Enterprises Limited diversified his business into logistics, resources, energy, aerospace, agriculture, defence and amongst others. Adani Exports Limited involved in port development and operations in India.

Amusing facts

  • Gautam Adani has a knack for surviving crisis. He was held for ransom more than two decades ago and in 2008 was among the hostages of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace hotel during the terror attacks that killed more than 160 people.
  • A school dropout
  • Adani was a self-made millionaire at the age of 20.
  • Sealed a 6,000-crore deal within 100 hours.
  • His company is the biggest private power producer in the country
     Gives about 3% of the Group’s earnings for philanthropic activities.


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