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Amazing storytelling in exciting format   

                                 No matter the age, learning is a process. And storytelling may be a huge and important a part of that process for several reasons. repeatedly , students form a connection to a story. Having the potential to relate to a story helps students remember information because the content is meaningful. additionally , stories allow students to find and develop their imagination and creativity. This helps them think beyond the box to unravel problems ,similarly  foster intercommunication between students with like interests. Storytelling helps the teachers to present and convey the information in a more elaborated manner.

When students hear stories that grab their attention, they become engrossed and keen to learn. While teaching to students, using a story format of a beginning, middle, and end helps them remember the important points in a concept.

 To view sample content videos for the same ,Find us on Youtube

  • Stories develop listeners imagination and listening skills and concepts
  • Stories help students reconnect with themselves.

Know your Strengths & Weaknesses

Kids have more than just one “learning style. “Natural talents and abilities help shape the way kids learn. Understanding learning strengths can assist you find ways to help your child learn and improve skills more effectively.

Learning strengths combine talents and abilities with existing skills and knowledge to assist kids absorb new information. These strengths are ways of thinking, feeling, or acting that can be used effectively.

Just because kids have an aptitude in one area doesn’t mean they can’t build ability in other areas. It is important to assist your child learn to take on challenges when it comes to learning. Believing that abilities can improve over time despite setbacks is understood as a growth mindset.

Build Strong fundamentals with clear concepts

Students are generally weak within the conceptual understanding of the topics. this is often generally due to the educational pressures. Over a period this builds stress for college kids and loss of interest within the subject. in the long run these students tend to avoid courses containing a component and further mar the scope for his or her careers. This impacts the parents who become anxious of their child’s future.

Our focus is to create concept clarity for the student, build confidence. Our methodology and format permits us to specialise in this front and bring students out of those misconceptions and make them stress-free. Get your Concept and basics clarified-

Learning through games and challenges


Combining engaging game design with learning objectives and curriculum:

Game Based Learning is useful in the classroom, as well as in the online learning the study must meet certain learning outcomes. Numerous “quests or challenges” with an array of steps or levels are interesting.

Creating a gaming atmosphere that is adapted to all the learners’ ability:

Undoubtedly in today’s classrooms most students will be digitally acquainted to Internet, cell phones and easily accessible computers. Gaming and learning when combined makes learning easier and fun.

 Overcoming the cultural barrier with faculty and parents:

The idea of Game Based Learning to faculty and especially to parents is not an easy job. It is still stereotyped as gaming or as some parents view it “wasting one’s time”. The stigma associated with games and play is difficult to overcome in an educational setting where accountability and results are necessary and required.

Get Unlimited Exam notes and practice tests

Preparing for the exams can be time consuming simply because people generally do not know what to expect on the exam. Exam candidates need time to prepare for the unknown. They need time to study important exam concepts, time to practice problems. It is important to begin preparing for these exams as soon as possible. The excess time allows students to be more confident and prepared. Take a practice test yourself and know where you stand -

Candidates who prepare for  exams early are more likely to pass the exam. Being successful on any exam not only involves preparation and utilization of resources, but it is also indirectly linked to the candidate’s confidence level. Having confidence helps students to get rid of their test anxiety caused by fear and uncertainty of the subject material. The more prepared candidates are, the more confident they become.

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