Benefits for teachers

Solve your Student's doubts- anytime 24/7

Due to strict classroom environment, students are fearful of asking questions. This hampers their growth when it involves new learning. Or let’s say that it happens often that the concept you learnt in school was understandable but after you revised through ,you simply got blank. We offer doubt sessions in order that students can individually clear their doubts.

Solving questions at night-time and stuck in between.? nobody is there to assist you. No worries Studycloud app teachers are available 24/7 to assist you out anytime. to unravel your queries and this will not let you wait for long time to ask and understand.

Interactive and visual Teaching Made easy.

User – friendly interface that are used by 10,000 + teachers .The app is designed as such that is compatible with every e sharing platform be it zoom, teams google. With easy access to the functional keys like play & pause buttons, Muting the sound and increasing or reducing the speed while teaching acts as a great tool while teaching online or offline.

Teachers can also upload their own videos, notes, pdfs with the existing videos to make learning a better experience.

360-degree approach- application based learning for holistic development

Studies have shown that through playful learning experiences, students can acquire broad, dynamic, and interconnected skills rapidly and effectively.

Holistic development is a comprehensive teaching approach in learning which aims to develop multiple abilities of an individual's brain. Education and learning systems aim at the development of intellectual capabilities only. But holistic growth aims at the development of physical capabilities, intellectual abilities, cognitive abilities, emotional abilities, and social skills.

Nowadays, most companies or organizations not only consider a student’s overall academic performance but also look into the holistic development of students once they recruit for various jobs. This makes the holistic development of students in schools and colleges vital.

Download and Save the content offline- 1 tap away

The domination of smartphones in e-learning industry is increasing. Consistent internet connection might not be available once you are in travel or at the remote location, to beat this problem having content offline becomes an important feature.

Studycloud app introduces offline content access, where you'll take all of your content offline and learn anywhere, anytime. Materials for online teaching are available for offline. You will be able to save lesson videos, images, and PDF on to your device rather than streaming over the web .You can manage your data connection cost and stand back from buffer wheels.

Studycloud helps Maharashtra ssc board who wants to bring their materials for online teaching contents to apps. Using these educational apps, you've got the liberty to settle on your study time.

Display Leader boards and Realtime analytics to track your Student's progress

Course reports provide more detailed information about students’ lecture completion rates and quiz scores. Additionally to the present , course reports allow you to look at more information about video performance, including video stats and video engagement.

With the assistance of those tools students , teachers also as parents can keep a track of what their kid has been doing, and what are the areas that he/she must specialize and concentrate on next.

Our goal is to supply fast feedback on the activities administered by the scholars  in academic performance. Where students are given process-oriented feedback aimed toward having an impression on their behaviour. The power to supply timely feedback is crucial because, because the sooner the feedback is delivered to students, the more impactful it's for his or her learning.

Content for all subjects - Maths, Geography, Science, Computer, languages etc

For teachers and instructors, content remains a key focus. Content includes facts, ideas, principles, evidence, and descriptions of processes or procedures. an excellent deal of your time is spent on discussing what content should be included within the curriculum, what must be covered during a course or a program, what content sources like text-books students should access, and so on. For more Content on these subjects get to our YoutubeTeachers and instructors often feel pressured to hide the entire curriculum within the time available. Our Teaching strategies include content that would indulge the scholars into the training process.


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