Gandhiji was disappointed in the change of the National Flag

Why Gandhiji was disappointed on this change in the national flag,and why werent his words not accepted?

When the Constituent Assembly accepted the tricolour as the national flag, it made such a change, for which Gandhiji was not ready. A change was made to this flag, which Gandhiji did not want. After all, what was this change, which 1hurt Gandhiji to some extent, it also forced him to think that now the Congress leaders have started thinking differently from him.There was no national flag of India before independence. The British government then used to hoist the Union Jack in India. Although the Maurya Empire had occupied almost the whole of India 2300 years ago, but even then there was no national flag of India. In the 17th century, the Mughal Empire had also established its influence over most of India. Even at that time there was no national flag of India. Before independence, there were more than 562 princely states in India. All these princely states also had different flags.

Pingali Venkaiah's contribution to the tricolor

Pingali Venkaiah had a great contribution in designing the national flag of India. He was a freedom fighter. From the year 1916 to the year 1921, Pingali Venkaiah did in-depth research on the national flags of 30 countries. in the year 1921 In the Congress convention, he presented his own design of the national flag. There was mainly red and green colour in that design. In which the red color represented the Hindu and the green colour represented the Muslim community. Gandhi included white belt and spinning wheel in it.

Keeping in mind the rest of the communities, Mahatma Gandhi talked about putting a white stripe in that design. Mahatma Gandhi advised to include the spinning wheel in the middle of the flag. The spinning wheel was a symbol of revolution against the British at that time. In August 1931, the Congress in its annual convention passed a resolution to adopt the tricolour as the national flag. Saffron colour was included in this flag instead of red. Saffron colour is considered a symbol of courage, sacrifice and sacrifice. That is, now in this flag, there were saffron, white, and green stripes and there was a spinning wheel in the middle.

What kind of flag did Gandhiji want for the country?

Although before independence, when the national flag was to be finalized, Gandhiji wanted the spinning wheel to be kept in its white stripe, but many people objected to it, including Congressmen.

Gandhiji believed that the tricolour, which has remained a symbol in the freedom struggle for 30 years, should be accepted by the country. This flag used to be a symbol of our fight in every meeting, demonstration, and procession during the freedom struggle. Then Gandhiji himself had chosen it for the first time.

Congressmen had objection to this choice of Gandhi in tricolor

When independence began, the Congress and many other parties lodged an objection to the charkha being placed in the middle of this tricolour. Some even said that what is the justification for keeping Gandhiji's toy in the national flag of India. A symbol of bravery should be placed at the centre of the flag. B became sad Gandhiji

In such a situation, the Congress leaders decided to bring Ashoka's wheel in the middle of the tricolour, which was a symbol of victory of Ashoka and his army. When Gandhiji came to know about this decision of the followers, he was heartbroken and sad meaning of circle

The Blue wheel(Ashoka Chakra)

The blue wheel in the middle of the tricolour is also called the Dharma Chakra of Ashoka. This Dharma Chakra symbolizes the vast borders of Emperor Ashoka's India. At that time the whole of India was tied in the thread of one governance system. The whole of Pakistan and today's Bangladesh were also present in the empire of Emperor Ashoka.

Later its blue colour was made a symbol of the identity of the backwards and Dalits by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. It is sad that the country has forgotten Pingali Venkaiah, who designed the national flag of India.



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