India to become Trans fat free by the year 2022

In India, only 1.34 percent of the newly tested processed food samples shows quite the permissible levels of ingredients.

FSSAI cited pan-India survey results and dismiss the perception of excessive use of commercial trans fats in processed food products.

India has mandated to scale back the limit of industrially produced trans fats to 2 per cent so as make India free from the industrially produced trans fats by 2022, one year before the WHO guidelines.

About the survey of FSSAI

To test compliance by the industry, the FSSAI collected 6,245 samples of processed foods, in association with the standard Council of India. Samples were collected from six predefined categories in 419 cities. As per survey,


34% of 6,000 processed food samples were high in fats

3% of packaged food item samples comprises of over 2% trans fat

WHO guidelines on Trans Fat

According to WHO, Increased intake of trans fat that's , quite 1% of total energy intake, increases the danger of coronary heart condition mortality.


Casualties thanks to trans fat

Trans fat intake is related to 5,00,000 premature deaths worldwide, thanks to coronary heart condition annually .

About Trans fat

Trans fat is considered as the worst type of fat. Unlike other dietary fats, trans fat or trans-fatty acids increases bad cholesterol and lowers the good cholesterol. A diet comprising of trans fat increases the risk of heart disease.

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    India to become Trans fat free by the year 2022