Unique Smart Products to Upgrade your Lifestyle

Almost every household device you can think of now has a smart version. These goods, in general, link to the internet, allowing you to operate them from your phone using a companion app. Most of them also use voice control in some way. Many smart home companion applications include scheduling capabilities, allowing you to arrange your devices to perform a specific activity at a specific time. After having any vehicle stolen, for example, a person can prevent the same thing from happening again by programming their smart garage door to close at a set time every night.

You can design your gadgets to work together and do numerous things at once using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, such as adjusting the thermostat and lights when you return home. You can control your gadgets using Siri voice commands or an Apple Watch, and you can create scenes to trigger several devices at once with Apple HomeKit. You can connect numerous internet-connected gadgets and quickly programme them to respond to real-world events, such as configuring your lights to switch on automatically at sunset, using IFTTT, a service supported by many of the leading smart home brands.

1. Smart Entrance System

Before you even walk through the front door, you're greeted with technology in the ultimate smart home. The front yard is home to some of the most beneficial connected home devices. You'll need some outdoor-friendly smart lights to light up your home. The Ring Smart Lighting System is a great choice since it allows you to construct a network of motion-activated security lights for your home's outside. Floodlights, pathway lights, spotlights, and step lights are among the components that can be added as needed. The majority of Ring's smart lighting components are battery-powered, making them simple to install. Each works independently as a motion-activated light, but you must connect them to a Ring Bridge to make them smart. Once connected, you can use Alexa voice commands or the Ring app on your phone to manage the lights, establish groups so that all of the lights turn on when one detects motion, and attach them to Ring security cameras like the Stickup Cam Battery. When the camera is connected, you can make it record video whenever a light detects motion.

2. Security Cams

The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera is our top recommendation for keeping an eye on your home from your phone when it comes to outdoor security cameras. This high-resolution, weather-resistant security camera catches motion-activated footage while also shining a bright light on anything is moving around on your property. It's wireless and takes just minutes to set up, and it gives vivid 2K video with colour night vision, accurate and intelligent motion detection, and plenty of integration choices. When you want to know if it's a delivery person or an unwelcome solicitor banging on your door, a video doorbell will allow you to see who's there without getting out of bed.

3. Smart Entertainment in 2022

Televisions and soundbars are the clear stars of the show when it comes to living room technology. However, in the ultimate smart home, a plethora of other devices collaborate to improve the ambiance, convenience, and security of your primary living area. A smart speaker, for starters, is a must-have for the living room. Aside from playing music, our top models act as a command centre, allowing you to operate pretty much any other connected home device with your voice. The first step is to decide which voice assistant platform is best for your home: Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Most major smart home gadget brands are supported by all three.

4. Smart Inter-Connected Kitchen

You can also use Alexa or Google Assistant in your kitchen to set timers, add items to your grocery list, and play your favourite cooking music using only your voice. Our favourite kitchen companion is Amazon's second-generation Echo Show 8, which is scaled just enough for counters and includes Food Network Kitchen for recipe inspiration. The best smart kitchen appliances can assist you with every step of the cooking process once you've chosen a recipe. The Anova Precision Oven is one of the smartest countertop ovens available, allowing you to bake, roast, slow cook, sous vide, and steam meals to perfection. Its companion app allows you to use your phone to manage and monitor the oven as well as load cooking settings.

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