Janta Curfew - Some ways to pass time during self isoltion.


Today, the entire world is facing one of the deadliest viruses ever faced. The name of this virus is Coronavirus or famously known as COVID-19. It virus was first recognised in December 2019 but today it has become a pandemic. Over 1,70,000 people have been detected with this virus and over 10,000 have already died. Not only this, but it is also responsible for arising social and financial crisis in the world. To understand it in detail check out our articles 

Talking about India, the situation is getting worse. Since one-month, there have been around 300 cases filed for Coronavirus and around 10 have already died. To post a stop on it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a curfew on Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm. Everything about this curfew and how to deal with it is mentioned in this article. 

Objective of Janta Curfew

The spread of Coronavirus has led to many problems in India. So to restrict the issues to a certain extent and closing them permanently Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, 22nd March announced a curfew in India between 7 am to 9 pm. As Coronavirus transmits from one person to another very quick and further becomes a chain, this curfew will restrict people from moving out of their house and so unrequired contacts of person will be restricted to a greater extent. This is the objective behind inflicting this curfew. We were not taking Coronavirus seriously as there were only a handful of cases registered in India. Even after many warnings and awareness spread about it, we continued carrying out our daily chores. This led to a tremendous spread of this virus. So to aware the people more intriguingly, the Janta curfew was announced. Although before this initiative, many states in India had already asked their citizens to self-isolate themselves in their home. This technique was successful in a few foreign countries. The Prime Minister has also announced that at 5 pm on the same day we should pray and applaud for the brave doctors, nurses, policemen and all the workers who are working every day no matter what is the condition. 

Ways to Pass Self-isolation 

However, self-isolation or self-quarantine is successful there is one issue in it which is how to get time passed in the quarantine period. You might have to stay back at home for days and week according to conditions. No one can pass such a huge amount of time doing nothing. Well but now you don't need to think about it much as here are few ways of getting self-isolation passed. 

  • Listening Songs - Songs are the best way to get time pass as they make you calm and happy. After a stressful day, hearing to songs especially melodious songs can make your day blooming. 
  • Playing Indoor Games - Playing outdoor games are the best part for strengthing our physical and mental health. But as we should not leave our house indoor games can replace outdoor games to a certain extent. 
  • Watching Movies - Movies can relive our stress anytime. Movies of all genres are like by most of the people. 
  • Read Books - Books re recognised as man's best friends and in such situations they can be more than best friends. 


People have supported Janta curfew on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We should also support it and give a short effort in this process by staying at home. Along with it, praise the workers at 5 pm by capping as much loud as we can so that the sound of our cheer reaches every person's heart and make them feel special

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