Atmanirbhar: Possible or Impossible?


Chinese products are spreading adversely worldwide. China is one of the biggest exporters in the world. Its success is not labour but skilled labour. You might have not understood the difference between this if not then the following article will explain to you.

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India is one of the largest markets for China as every 1 from 5 products sold in India are imported from China. Whether it is a small pin or huge electronic devices, everything available in India is imported from China. If we have a population equivalent to China then what are the reasons behind such a big fall? Well, they are unskilled labour and lack of technology. In this article, I will explain to you everything about the topic and how to overcome various problems arising simultaneously. 


Problems and Solutions 

We export raw materials to other countries who use it to manufacture a product and sell it back in India. Sometimes it is vice versa which means we import raw materials from other countries and sell them. It is not bad unless the number is in the limit. Considering generic medicine India exports 22% of world's total generic production but 70% of the raw materials used behind the making of such medicines are bought from China. Don't you think we can cut such a big chain into one process thing? The answer is yes, and this is what Atmanirbhar India asks us to do. 

  1. How can we fill up the shortage of technology?
  • We have great minds but unfortunately can't digest the ideas coming out of those minds and take chances of utilising those which is why such people prefer working in countries like the United States of America where ideas are considered superior to money. We buy products and services from places across the border designed and manufactured by our own people. We must get them back to India and ask them to work for our companies. This way we can build companies bigger than Google and Amazon. 
  1. How can we emphasize people to buy Indian products?
  • We have various Indian brands in all sectors although we prefer foreign brands. This is maybe because they sell products lasting more than Indian goods. So we should improve our production sector and implement new ideas for our brands. 
  1. Is increasing FDI in India helpful in making India self-reliant?
  • Yes, because if more international companies invest in India then we can gain financial health. Such funds are further useful in various sectors so that they can grow. This will help us in reviving and boosting our economy. So we can help small industries to grow financially and produce everything in India which is a motive of self-reliant India.


The most important question on which this article is based on is still remaining which is 'Atmanirbhar India: Possible or Impossible? Currently, India is in a position where estimating if this scheme can be 100% successful is slightly tricky. We have COVID-19 bashing India, stressful situation between Pakistan and China. We are struggling from so many problems but has it is said that 'There is no particular time for doing a work'. Boycotting all the foreign goods in one day or one week or one month is not possible as this will even affect employment in India. So what should we do? We must start a various new business in various fields and sue Indian goods as much as we can do. This will help in healing the employment problem and being self-reliant. If not all foreign goods then at least boycott Chinese goods. They have been using us against ourselves by selling their goods in India. You might be wondering how is this possible? Well, it is sad to hear but we can't stay away from the true.

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