All About Lockdown in India


Coronavirus is spreading at a tremendous speed in India. In 2 weeks, we have watched over 500 people getting infected with Coronavirus, and the figure is rising every day. Currently, we are standing in the second stage of Coronavirus and are on the verge of entering the third stage. Once came in it, then turning back will be a lot difficult like China and Italy. Apart from the fact that China is slowly coming down on the chart. The reason behind this is their technology which India lacks a bit. So taking this situation perilously, is very important. However, after announcing and warning the people, they are not accepting it as a significant problem. So to make them understand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself came live on television on 24th March and announced a lockdown of 21 days in the entire country. For understanding, it better read the following articles.


The Lockdown is going to end on 15th April 2020. This Lockdown is imposed so that social distancing is maintained. Few states like Maharashtra had adopted this policy many days earlier as the rise in the patients in such states were increasing swiftly. Guidelines have been circulated to the Department of India, State/Union Territory Government and Authorities. The guideline includes areas to be closed although there are few exceptions in those areas which have to be opened mandatorily. Following are those guidelines.

Sr. No.

Areas of Closure



Offices of the Government of India is Autonomous Subordinate Offices and Public Corporation

  • Defence
  • Central Armed Police Forces
  • Treasury
  • Public Utilities (Petroleum, CNG, PNG, LPG)
  • Disaster Management
  • Power Generation
  • Transmission units
  • Post Offices
  • National Informatics Centre
  • Early Warning Agencies 


Offices of the State/ Union Territory Governments and Autonomous Bodies, Corporations

  • Police
  • Home Guards
  • Civil Defence
  • Fire and Emergency services
  • Disaster Management
  • District Administration
  • Treasury Electricity
  • Water Supplies,
  • Sanitation Municipal bodies (sanitation and water supply personnel)


Commercial and Private corporations

  • Shops (Ration shops, Dealing with food, Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy and Milk booths, Meat and Fish, Animal fodder)
  • Banks
  • Insurance offices
  • ATMs
  • Print and Electronic media
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet services
  • Broadcasting and cable services
  • IT and IT-enabled Services (only essential services)
  • Delivery of all essential goods (Food, Pharmaceuticals, Medical equipment through E-commerce)


Industrial Corporations

  • Manufacturing units of essential commodities
  • Production units (only after receiving required permits from the state government)


Transport Services (Airways, Railways, Roadways)

  • Transportation for essential goods only
  • Fire, law and order and emergency services.


Hospitality Services

  • Hotels, Homestays, Lodges and Motels (Accommodating tourists stranded due to Lockdown)
  • Medical and emergency staff
  • Air and Sea crew

The guidelines have more details, which include places that have to remain operative and areas and events that are restricted. The list is as follows.



  • Hospitals
  • Medicinal  Corporations
  • Manufacturing and Distribution units, both in public and private sectors (Dispensaries, Chemists, Medical equipment shops, Laboratories, Clinics, Nursing homes, Ambulances)
  • Transportation for all medical personnel (Nurses, Para-medical staff, Other hospital support services)
  • Educational related Institutes (Training, Coaching Institutes, Schools, Colleges)
  • Worship Places for public
  • Gatherings (Social, Political, Sports, Entertainment, Academic, Cultural, Religious)
  • Only 20 people will be allowed in a Funeral


This Lockdown was imposed after have an in-depth discussion with various health and economics expert. If not stopped now, then it may let India 21 years behind in terms of economic as well as social advancement. Most of the areas are ordered to shut down till the end of this Lockdown. Although a few vital areas like medical and defence are not restricted. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested every citizen to cooperate with the Government and support this initiative to eradicate Coronavirus from its roots. The Lockdown starts on 25th March and ends on 15th April. During this period, everyone is requested to stay back at their home and carry out their activities. The people allowed to work in their workplace have to follow the rules and precautions issued by the Government accurately. 

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