Events Happening in India due to COVID-19


Today, we are facing one of the most significant threats which are none other than COVID-19. People from all over the world are facing this situation. From underdeveloped to developed countries, no one ever expected such spread out. They weren't ready to handle a pandemic which getting a problem as they are not equipped with proper health facilities. There have been over 1.2 million affected with COVID-19, and over 70,000 have died. Concerning India, over 4,500 cases have been confirmed out of which 125 people deceased and the number is increasing rapidly every day. To prevent it, the Indian Government have imposed a lockdown of 21 days with a view of maintaining social distancing. To understand everything about COVID-19 in detail, check out below-given articles. 

This virus and lockdown have led to many events occurring in India. Some events are bad, while some are good. Given below are a few of these events. 

Airlines Shutting Down Bookings Temporarily 

As PM Narendra Modi has announced lockdown up till 14th April, the Civil Aviation Industry was forced to stop accepting bookings of Domestic till 14th April. Air India, the national carrier of India, has decided to suspend their bookings of domestic and international flights up till 30th April to prevent the spread out of this pandemic. However, private airlines such as SpiceJet, GoAir and Vistara have resumed their bookings for domestic and international flights after 15th April and 1st May respectively.

CISF Personnels confirmed Positive with COVID-19

11 CISF personnel, including ten jawans and one staff member posted in Kharghar near Mumbai tests positive with COVID-19. It is suspected that they were on-duty at the Mumbai International Airport when they got exposed to this virus. Around 146 CISF personnel and officers who are alleged to be in contact with these soldiers were tested thoroughly before letting them leave for their duty. 

Nature Enlightens its Beauty

While Coronavirus is a significant threat for humankind, it is a saviour for the environment. As the travelling of people is dwindling day by day due to Coronavirus, the pollution level is dropping. Many cities like Delhi, etc. who were on the list of most polluted cities are getting better in terms of pollution control. Due to this, the environment is getting pure, and we can inhale purified oxygen. The plants and trees are prevented by getting cut down and are getting flourished with clear air.

Birds and Animals are Roaming Freely

We are capturing each location that we step in. Due to this, the animals and birds are affected as their shelters are getting ripped off. Comparing with 2010, in 2020 we have cut down or harmed almost half of the total number of forests in India. However, after suffering so much, God has bestowed bunch of happiness in birds and animals as now in countries like India having lockdown they can roam freely. There have been some rare animals like rare species of Deers, and birds like sparrow are seen in major cities like Mumbai. Even some birds and animals which used to stay in forests only like peacock, lion and tiger are watched in cities. 


After many researches, the antidote for COVID-19 is not yet found. The doctors are trying harder and harder but are not successful in finding the remedy of this virus. But there is a possibility for abolishing this virus which is social distancing. If we avoid leaving our house for a few days and maintain social distancing, then there are no chances of spreading this virus any more. The decision of announcing lockdown was a great initiative by Indian Government now it is our turn to support and follow it. We should forget all the other issues and focus on this one. 


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