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The world is witnessing one of its most dangerous threat, which is none other than COVID-19. It has infected over 1.4 million people out of which around 85,000 have already deceased. After entering in India, within a month, about 6,000 people have infected with it out of which around 200 dead. To prevent the increase in the number of infected people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a lockdown of 21 days which started on 25th March and is going to end on 14th April. The main objective of this lockdown is maintaining social distancing. So no offices, educational institutes, shops are closed. This has affected India socially and economically. To understand everything about COVID-19 and its effect read the following articles. 

In such a situation, various organisations which can do their work at home were not affected as they had the support of Zoom application. If you are not aware of it, you must consider reading this article entirely. 

Zoom Application

Zoom is an online video calling application usually used by the large crowd for holding online meetings, online lectures, etc. It provides many features like recording, chatting, raising a question, reactions emojis, etc. which are missing in some other meeting apps. This makes it a fantastic app, and over 80% of its users are satisfied with the service. 

Response of People 

Zoom is a fabulous app since its start. However, very few people were aware of this app, and so they didn't receive the response they expected. As per Apptopia, in mid-February, it had only 1.7 lakhs download, which in late March grow to 2.5 million. It became one of the three highest downloaded apps beating some of the rivals such as Tencent Conference, WeChat Work, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. As per reports, over the period of a month (from 22nd February to 22nd March) the number of downloads of Zoom app increased by 1270% which is an excellent score for such an app. One of the reasons behind this growth is the lockdown in countries like India. People had to stay at their homes for maintaining social distancing, eventually helping in preventing the spread of this fatal virus. 

Reasons People are Switching to Zoom

Some of the reasons which made this app such prosperous are as follows.

  • Quality - The qualities provided by this application were the best. Only a few people out of the whole crowd experienced the problem of low quality. Although in the start it had few bugs later they were fixed, and the condition became better.
  • Features - The features provided by these applications are so appealing. They have options to raise questions, express your emotions through emojis, record the meeting for future reference, screen sharing option, and so on. Although some of these features are present in other applications, not all are present, which makes it best. 
  • Availability - Most of the video calling applications are available on the mobile phone, tablet, and laptop but Zoom is available on the computer also. All the iOS and Android devices have access to Zoom application. 
  • Nominal Charges - Charges applicable for holding meetings online are costly, which is one reason people avoid the usage of such applications. But, with Zoom, you don't have to go deep in your pocket as it is cheaper than most of the other apps providing the same service. 


As of 22nd March, over 13,00,000 Android and over 6,85,000 iOS users were joining Zoom every day. It is one of the most prosperous online meeting apps in the world. Millions of people are using this application every day around the world, especially at such a situation. It has been a great thing for various organisation and educational tutorials for completing their work on time in the condition of lockdown due to COVID-19.


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